MCLP 2K is a very user-friendly and highly tamper-evident cable lock. It can be applied to secure a various range of applications for all security requirements with trucks, bulk liquid tanker trucks, air cargo containers, shipping containers, rail car, valves and calibrators in various industries.

Locking Length: 180mm
Tensile Strength: 250-300 kg
Body: ABS/Cable: Galvanized steel wire 
Strap Dimensions: Ø 1.8 mm
Marking Area: 19mm x 10mm
Marking Digits: Serial no: 10/Barcode: 8

-Moulded with high-impact ABS material with a galvanised steel wire rope.
-MCLP 2K is etched with permanent laser marking for names, logos, sequential numbers and barcodes.
-2 colours for improved visibility and barcode readings.

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