VSS-401_20230502_0524背景 VSS-401 & VSS-402_展示架_正面_俯拍_20230407拍攝_DSF0042 VSS-401 & VSS-402_展示架_斜側面_俯拍_20230407拍攝_DSF0084 VSS-401 & VSS-402_展示架_側面_平拍_20230407拍攝_DSF0011 展示架_背面_俯拍_20230407拍攝_DSF0029

VSS-401 Safe Lock (Combination Lock)
Product Description:
1. Password variations: The three-wheel models provide a possible combination of one million, while the four-wheel models offer a possible combination of billion.

2. Password modification: Utilizing the "Change key”.

3. Automatic re-locking: When the lock box cover is detected as damaged, the automatic re-locking function will be activated.

4. Primary components: The DIAL and RING are composed of zinc alloy, while the key components inside the box are made of copper metal, which exhibits excellent wear-resistant properties.

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