-Slim, flat, and user-friendly, PL is especially popular in the airline, food catering, utility and communication industries. Not only is it light and durable, it is easy to apply and remove.
-Tensile strength: PP 8kg

Locking Length: 23 x 14mm
Tensile Strength: 8 kgs
Body: PP
Marking Area: 20mm x 10mm
Marking Digits: Serial No: 10/Barcode: 9 (White, Yellow only)

Etched with permanent laser marking for customized names, logos, barcodes and sequential numbers for security and easy identification.
It is easy to apply and remove, and is designed to be closed with one hand.
Marking on both sides are available.
* Optional - Biodegradable additive can be added upon customers' requirement, securing strap gives the user a choice of
strength to match different applications.

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